About LGX

“You are not just a drop in the ocean, you are the mighty ocean in the drop.” – Rumi

Realising Authentic Potential Together Unlocks Riches Everywhere (“RAPTURE”)

Welcome to the online home of Limitless Group. We help “enable all to enable all” to creatively, courageously and systemically shift what’s possible. See Creative Finance for an outline of some of the ecosystem elements.

The fluid, self-organising nature of our work, driven by a limitless attitude to the possibilities for elevating humanity, from personal to planetary scales, means we’re not really into “labels”. The classic Ancient Chinese philosophical text, the Tao Te Ching, includes:

The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named is not the eternal name

(Tao is referred to as Dao in Pinyin, the later standard system of romanized spelling for transliterating Chinese)  

Hence, we don’t believe a fixed label or category is congruent with our limitless approach. Yet, if “labels” like these below, or others, might be useful, then just adopt whatever works for you:

Collective Intelligence Agency, Systemic Leadership & Innovation Agency, Transformation Consultancy Network, Global Guild of Evolutionary Architects, Group Genius Facilitation Network, Inclusive Placemaking & Wealthmaking Collaborative, Global Possibility System, and whatever alternative descriptors you might want to use…

The “X” in the “LGX” short form represents not only venturing into the unknown in these eXtraordinary times, but also as a sign of friendship, of affection, of love. It’s also signifying “inter-independence”, recognising that we are each unique wholes, yet no one of us, whether it is a person, organisation, city, country or continent, is as brilliant as all of us.

We are venturing into the unknown together, venturing into possibility in bold, innovative, intelligent, practical and playful ways…

These pioneering players of possibility from across the world are gifted at helping to unleash the very best of Place, People, Process, Purpose and Possibility, to move our “eco-socio-technical systems” toward realising our highest generative potentials for collective flourishing and wise progress everywhere.

An incredible new global renaissance beckons with humanity’s vast treasure trove of collective imagination, creativity, capacity and capability to dream, design and deliver bold, creative, inclusive, abundant futures together.

Of course, there is an ever-growing amount of inspiring work already happening to improve the world (and towards venturing to other worlds too), and yet systemically the elevation of humanity isn’t yet happening fast enough. Our tools and technologies have been advancing far more rapidly than our systems of education, politics and governance, local and global economy, placemaking, health and wellbeing, law and justice, and more.

This is why Limitless Group is emerging and continually evolving to provide ever-richer “connective tissue” and “enable all to enable all” collective genius tools, principles, protocols, processes, programmes, frameworks, designs, recipes, language, lenses, symbols, praxis, and more, as part of a  “Whole Wealth Ecosystem-of-ecosystems” with a mission to accelerate the elevation of humanity and the enriching of the systemic conditions under which we can collectively thrive and advance for as long as possible…

A note on our “definition” of “Wealth” and “Wealthmaking” – we see these in terms of multiple “capitals”, through a deeper, richer, holistic lens more akin to the historical meanings of the word wealth which was associated with a “state of good fortune, happiness and wellbeing”, and beyond, embodying timeless inclusive notions such as Eudaimonia and Arete.

An acronym of WEALTH that we use helps to highlight a Wise, Evolutionary, Authentic, Loving, Thrivable and Holistic ethos and approach to what we do and how we live…

Eudaimonia means literally “the state of having a good indwelling spirit, a good genius”. For Aristotle eudaimonia was not a state of mind (such as “happiness”) consequent on or accompanying certain activities but is a name for these activities themselves. “What is eudaimonia?” is then the same question as “What are the best activities of which humans are capable?”. Hence, “human flourishing” has later been proposed as a translation.

Arete is an Ancient Greek character-based ideal associated with generative qualities such as virtue, excellence and valour, and being all one can be, especially in service of something larger than self, also synonymous with Aristotle’s notion of “the good life” and eudaimonia.

Such qualities of our highest selves – also expressed in other ancient wisdom traditions – can underpin how we learn, teach, grow and wisely embody our notions of wealth, success, fulfilment, leadership (e.g. “self” and “system”), and citizenship, in service of the ongoing flourishing and advancement of all life.

Connect with us at: Contact@LimitlessGroup.com