Creative Bank

It is possible to super-charge a huge expansion of creative output that enriches, excites, engages, educates, entertains, enlightens and elevates society. More and more jobs that can be automated will be, and we needn’t fear this because it gifts us with a golden opportunity to far more deeply tap into the vast treasure trove, our “Creative Bank”, of collective imagination and creativity that is always present, for being all we can be, or choose to be.

What if everyone had their own unique secure Creative Bank Account, over which they had full control in how they manage it throughout their life of creative contribution, appreciation and rich reward for themselves and the larger whole that we are all a whole part of?

The incredible synergies available from artfully, scientifically and technologically combining the multiple facets of human, artificial and natural intelligence are mind-blowing…

The future of work, the future of humanity, needs the kinds of generative ideas and stories, and the enabling systems and structures, that unleash imagination and creativity on a truly massive scale, and doing so will realise the kind of flourishing world that works for all.

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