Creative Finance

“Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

Finance is a “red thread”, weaving its way, in different flows and forms, through all of our socio-economic systems, which currently are still far from unlocking the full wealth of humanity’s creativity and wisdom. Our aim is to help transform our systems such that they are continually unleashing and employing the treasure trove of collective human, artificial and natural intelligence and capability for the flourishing and progress of all.

Creative Finance Ltd has been registered as a private company, yet we also align with the self-organising Limitless Group “ecosystem-of-ecosystems” ethos of not wanting to be put “in a box” limited to one “label”. So, here are just a few terms that might be useful signposts to what we do: collaborative network-based creative financing agency, intermediary, introducer, arranger, consultant, adviser, structurer, systemic innovation facilitator, horizon scanner, talent scout, researcher, collective intelligence gardener, storyteller…

Creative Finance is also a member of the Creative Industries Federation, and is part of the larger change-maker/change-agent emerging network-of-networks called Limitless Group.

It is intended as a “Backbone Enterprise” (“BE”), with a mission to build better bridges between the financial and creative industries, and also to connect those with a wider network of investment and partnering opportunities to drive systemic innovation for inclusive sustainable prosperity, progress, and ever richer, higher and wider forms of societal flourishing.

This is a collaborative connective vehicle intended to help support, expand and enrich economic, cultural, social, technological and environmental value through Limitless Group’s self-organising systemic open innovation approach to enabling “Inclusive Wealthmaking Ecosystems” (“I-WE”), for unlocking multiple synergies on multiple living system levels and scales:

Build the CFL collaborative backbone enterprise as a “glocal” network-based “creative finance agency” to help source, connect, match, synergise, finance, support, sustain and scale those who want to address a need for more “joined-up”, innovative, efficient, effective, creative, bold and risk-smart ways of raising blended finance for diverse impact-driven people, projects, programmes, ventures, organizations, networks, communities, cities and regions, that sustainably enable, support and advance collective flourishing, multiplying creative and cultural industries impact in the process.
Launch a new edutainment studio system with pioneering creative partners to Educate, Entertain and Elevate audiences and players by shifting Perceptions, expanding Possibilities and growing collective Prosperity. This would include permanent writers’ rooms, apprenticeships, mentoring, talent management and more. A holistic and sustainable value creation strategy would include development, financing, production, marketing, sales, distribution and licensing – a continually evolving and advancing creative ecosystem.
Develop new sustainable inclusive wealth funds based on Place, People, Purpose and Possibility using systemic blended finance collaborative approaches, including evergreen direct investment structures. These funds would support and advance “Limitless Cities” and all related enabling activity, whilst generating healthy holistic returns for their respective places in which they are embedded.
Build Wealth Studios in every City. This definition of wealth encompasses the word’s richer original meanings of “a state of good fortune, happiness and wellbeing”, and beyond to embody notions such as “Eudaimonia” and “Arete“. These are new kinds of systemic open innovation glocal wealthmaking hubs for incubation, acceleration and elevation of valuable economic, social, cultural, built and natural environmental investments. Edutainment system prototypes such as the Limitless.Games platform hub will be early examples of this approach. Establish a not-for-profit for global voice, learning and collaborative leadership across the wealth studios ecosystem, and supported through the Limitless Group “ecosystem-of-ecosystems”. Such an entity would promote programs and environments that further enable, support, enrich and advance societal evolutionary wealthmaking capacities and capabilities that limitless learning and leadership brings to the realisation of humanity’s highest generative potentials. For more information please email:
Establish “Wealth Zones” – new kinds of inclusive wealthmaking areas that transcend and include the benefits of special economic, enterprise and innovation zones, for highest placemaking value creation.
Grow Limitless Group to best enable, support, enrich and advance the work of all those across the world who are, or want to, use their talents and gifts for helping to unleash the best of Place, People and Possibility toward realising our highest generative potentials for collective flourishing and planetary progress. Tapping in to the vast treasure trove of collective imagination, creativity and capability, harnessing incredible synergies across human, artificial and natural intelligence, will unlock extraordinary abundance.
Develop a humanity-scale open-source ongoing project for a customisable “operating system kernel” to accelerate the availability, adoption, adaptation and evolution of collective genius tools, principles, protocols, processes, frameworks, designs, recipes, language, symbols, praxis, and more. This is intended to increase synergies of human, artificial and natural intelligence, reduce time and perceived risks, for realizing abundant thriving futures and an “exponential humanity”. A name for this “kernel” is Genius OS, aptly containing both “I” and “Us” in the word…