Creative Wealth Fund

Generative collaborations are being cultivated between the creative industries, the financial sector, enterprise, civil society, policy makers, academia, and many more changemakers and change agents, because of a drive to see significant expansion of creative output that enriches, excites, engages, educates, enlightens, entertains and elevates society.

This presents an incredible opportunity to tap in to the amazing collective intelligence and capability of diverse motivated groups to co-design and develop the world’s first Creative Wealth Fund, with the world’s first Inclusive Global Wealth Fund Network.

Why Now?

Building on remarkable work already happening to tackle our “wicked” problems, our human imagination and creativity, cooperation and caring, are needed now more than ever.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” (and lunch and dinner!), and the kinds of social innovation required will need the right stories, structures and systems that lift human culture to whole new levels to accelerate progress towards a world that works for all, and goes beyond just sustainability to the flourishing of our highest potentials…

The Creative Wealth Fund is a fund-of-funds that will be running on the connected wisdom of Genius OS to unlock the vast treasure trove of collective intelligence and creativity of humanity, combined with our remarkable tools and technologies, and the genius of nature.

This enables blending of multiple forms of capital across public, private and civil society sectors, reduction of time and risk, massively increased synergies from a whole-world, whole-systems, whole-wealth view, catering to the entire spectrum from individual citizen investors to the big pension and insurance funds, corporate funds, family offices, foundations and sovereign wealth funds.

In fact, we see Creative Wealth Fund launching a whole new form of wealth fund that we call a Whole Wealth Fund.

An initiative brought by Creative Finance Ltd, a Wealth Studios Partner,, Limitless Group and the Wealth Commons, and a growing creative, caring, collaborative, bold super-generative global community, a network of networks, deeply re-imagining, re-defining and re-making wealth for all for ever.


More to come…