Limitless Games

Serious Games for Societal Gains

Serious Game Studio Partner, Distributor, Global Innovation Ecosystem

Limitless.Games is intended to become a “future-ready” impact-multiplying holistic serious/applied games platform hub, showcase, and go-to destination for the ideation, design, financing, development, marketing, distribution and playing of diverse inclusive games and immersive integrative “levelling-up experience environments”.

Think of iTunes Store, Google Play and Steam, but with a pure focus on difference-making serious games that “change the game” and raise the bar for realising real-world positive impact for the greatest good.

This will be across direct, virtual, alternate, and blended/augmented realities, on missions and quests that all contribute to enriching the education, entertainment, efficacy, enterprise and elevation of its players, growing their individual and collective wisdom, skills, influence, and local and global impact with, on, and for humanity.

These kinds of serious games (seriously fun too!) can be used, for example, to co-design, test and continually evolve and advance alternate realities for cities, towns and villages that can feed into real world policies, programs, ventures, and “inclusive wealthmaking ecosystem” (“I-WE”) projects that form dynamic generative “feedback loops” between the games and the real world so that they are always “levelling up” each other…

In keeping with the ecosystem-enabling ethos of the platform, our hope and intention is to encourage and support the emergence and evolution of self-organizing “CLASI” (pronounced “Classy”) Communities of Limitless Aspiration & Societal Innovation.

Members of the Limitless.Games platform will automatically be eligible for discounts on membership of Wealth Studios, and more, from across the continually expanding, evolving and advancing Limitless Group “ecosystem-of-ecosystems multi-verse”.

Each Limitless.Games player can choose to have their profile and scores, from any or all of the serious games they play via the platform, published on, being planned to recognise and promote all players positively impacting their local and wider world, and attract partners, schools, employers, investors, supporters, advocates, and other positive relationships.

Depending on user feedback, player-managed websites linked to can evolve for local, national, wider regional, and global communities of players to, for example, operate their own page(s) on the site, and much more, making it as easy and effective as possible to find each other, play, partner, progress and prosper for the greater good.

More to come soon…

In the meantime, feel free to reach us at: Contact@Limitless.Games or @LimitlessGamesX

Venture into Possibility…