OneWealth Fund

One Humanity, One Planet, One Wealth…

Global Impact OneWealth Fund, inclusive, combining digital and physical currencies, inspired from wholeness and unity consciousness, for whole-wealth-whole-returns.

We have incredible opportunities to tap in to the amazing collective intelligence and capability of diverse motivated groups to co-design, develop and continually evolve OneWealth Fund that further enables, supports and advances the Wealth Commons, operating as a planetary portfolio of local “fund of funds” ecosystems with local stewardship of each fund, additionally incorporating a rich variety of forms of human, technological and natural “capital” not captured by current mainstream metrics such as GDP.

Each local OneWealth fund-of-funds, based on combinations of shared factors such as Place, People, Purpose, Principles, Potential, etc. may choose to have, for example, its own Wealth Charter, with its own articulation of what wealth means for that group in their context, whether a small community or city or region. 

This multi-capital fund-of-funds approach includes, for example, a specialist category of Urban Wealth Fund.

There are several helpful “multiple capital” frameworks available to adapt as needed, including one that uses a “F.I.T.N.E.S.S.” acronym as a useful reminder: Financial, Intellectual, Technological, Natural, Experiential, Social and Systemic (this last “S” can also serve as a “catch-all” because each local fund can be as nuanced as needed in terms of what wealth it wants to measure, monitor and manage). Or, of course, co-design your own from scratch if you don’t find existing frameworks you’d like to adapt/build on.

Why Now?

Building on remarkable work already happening to tackle our “wicked” problems, our human imagination and creativity, cooperation and caring, are needed now more than ever.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” (and lunch and dinner!), and the kinds of social innovation required will need the right stories, structures and systems that lift human culture to whole new levels to accelerate progress towards a world that works for all, and goes beyond just sustainability to the flourishing of our highest potentials…

Such a OneWealth Fund proposed here would be running on the connected wisdom of what we refer to as Genius OS, to unlock the vast treasure trove of collective intelligence, caring and creativity of humanity, combined with our remarkable tools and technologies, and the genius of nature.

This enables blending of multiple forms of capital across public, private and civil society sectors, reduction of time and risk, massively increased synergies from a whole-world, whole-systems, whole-wealth view, catering to the entire spectrum from individual citizen investors to the big pension and insurance funds, corporate funds, family offices, foundations and sovereign wealth funds.

An initiative for deeply re-imagining, re-conceiving and re-making wealth for all, for ever.

More to come…