Wealth Studios

A working definition:

Places of inclusive wealth creation, learning, living, calling, passion, growth, and play that enable, support and advance the holistic wellbeing and flourishing of the evolutionary systems in which they are embedded. 

The idea for “Wealth Studios” (WS) came from many stimuli (standing on the shoulders of giants), especially in seeking to understand the  complex and dynamic relationships between our:

  • Stories: our visions, hopes, dreams, fears, myths, metaphors, values, beliefs, all of our inner and outer conversations
  • Structures: roles, rules, principles, language, organizations, technology, built environments
  • Patterns: behaviours, habits, ways of thinking, relating, communicating
  • Consequences: intended, unintended, positive, negative, individual, collective
  • Feedback-Control: sensing and responding to patterns and consequences with the ability to update, adapt, evolve, and create new stories and structures for more generative patterns to emerge naturally…

These are core “components” of our social systems and WS intends to create, source, finance, design, produce, build, share, distribute, nurture, inspire, support and elevate the “stories” and “structures” conducive to generating healthy patterns and consequences, and extraordinary new wealth for the whole.

We’d like to share here a draft document, created in 2017. We encourage and welcome all who would like to find out more, may want to get involved, invest, partner, or for other generative reasons, to get in touch either through Contact@LimitlessGroup.com or to the email addresses at the end of this draft:

Investing in Place, Process, People and Possibility: Incubating, Accelerating and Supporting Bold, Inclusive, Holistic Responses to City and Region Scale “Wicked” Challenges

The greatest threats we face today transcend national boundaries, and inhabitants of every individual country, through their behaviours and decisions, can have a major impact on the essential interests of the inhabitants of all other countries. We believe cities and regions are the centres of transformation that can lead the way in tangible collective action based on increased understanding of their mutual dependence. New inclusive and participative co-creation “recipes” for managing these complex adaptive systems must be found, practised and evolved as a discipline.

These challenges represent a condition resulting from hundreds if not thousands of “social design” assumptions that require concurrent changes at multiple levels to realize a “future-ready” society.

Seeding Wealth Studios (WS) as a collaborative platform and Inclusive Wealthmaking Ecosystem-of-ecosystems (“I-WE”) for incubating concurrent interconnected projects will deeply reconceive how we flourish together, better harness our rich diversity, and harmonise our relationships with ourselves, each other, with our technologies and built environment, and with nature that makes all of this possible. It will enable whole new levels of wealth “reimagineering”, helping humanity usher in a bold new exciting, inclusive, global renaissance. The proposal includes developing a new type of collaborative systemic innovation work-space, and a governance, planning and development process to be implemented in one or more specific city/region prototype(s), applying proven participatory co-creation principles with key stakeholders. Entrepreneurially and imaginatively combining art and science, this “resonance-based” synergy-multiplying ecosystem can and will unlock extraordinary abundance.

We estimate £5m is necessary to seed the development stage of Wealth Studios, and a catalytic early project to co-create the world’s first “City Wealth Studio” (City WS). Using collaborative “future ready” enterprise models, the Centre can mobilise over 30x the initial funding and yield a systemically valuable pipeline of investible projects and ventures.

We are in a pivotal time in human history that sees powerful social, economic and environmental forces converging to heighten the need, in this precious narrow window of opportunity, for public, private and civil society sectors to work together at a scale, speed and coherence that is greater than at any time in our past, including world wars. We are creating change and increasing complexity at a rate significantly greater than our ability to fully comprehend and appropriately respond, and currently our bold efforts are as yet still largely fragmented and incremental. Our collective intelligence (human, artificial and natural) and creativity is a vast treasure trove of collective possibility, and yet our current myopic, materialistic and atomized mainstream societal systems are leaving this mostly untapped despite tremendous work continuing across the world.

The complexity of concurrently addressing multiple dimensions of the interdependent systems of our cities, towns, regions, global economy and the sustainable development goals will need an approach with the requisite depth and complexity to unlock, synergize and channel our combined potential, to benefit all.

“Under these conditions, the urban potential of the global revolution of possibility that we call Massive Change is twofold: First, create wealth—embrace the extraordinary new capacities of the 21st century so that we can fully experience our collective potential for a brilliantly creative, abundant and equitable future. Second, get to perpetuity—design a beautiful way of living that is equal parts ecology and economy; a way of being on the planet that is thriving—voluptuous, thrilling and plausible in the long term.”Bruce Mau, World Policy Journal 2010

We stand on the shoulders of many giants, past and present, and have been particularly inspired to conceive of Wealth Studios as building on an extraordinary “operating system kernel” – an integrative and collaborative deep innovation process successfully used in highly diverse and complex contexts for over 30 years. We can envision places and an ecosystem designed to be an inclusive “Innovation Palace” and “Societal Sandbox”; a modern “Cathedral” and “Possibility Base” built to house and facilitate collective creativity and innovation – individual and group genius unleashed on a massive scale. It won’t be arrived at through standard planning methods but by iterative stages of a co-creation “meta-process”, emerging truly exciting thriving “lighthouses”.

These places would become both a symbol and tool of a deliberate effort to bring increasing self-awareness and focus to the design of an unpredictable and emergent future. As such, the enterprise would pay for itself over time, directly, in the applicable knowledge gained and in the positive financial, economic, social, cultural and environmental returns from projects, ventures, policy proposals, sustainable infrastructure and services, and more, to come out of these “sandboxes”. Architecture and construction, health, arts, science and creative industries, hotels, facility management, technology, finance, tourism, real estate, environmental services, education, advisory industries, government, and all of society participating in boldly reimagineering the future.

Investment proposal: The City Wealth Studio is conceived as a sustainable enterprise designed to engage city and central government and other public, private and civil society institutions and organizations in the co-design and creation of the enabling environment, infrastructures and policies, for the “societal sandbox” buildings, and new forms of special economic zones (“Inclusive Wealthmaking Zones”).

The City Wealth Studio would also take on the fiduciary responsibilities of overseeing the creation, operation and management of an investment body specifically structured to support evergreen investment towards transformational projects that are typically unseen or not understood by venture capital or policy measures.

The investment will be used to establish a City WS enterprise, operate the co-creation incubation process, secure the right partnerships to identify (or build) initial dedicated physical space and to develop the ongoing funding and enabling infrastructures as resilient foundations of a sustainable inclusive flourishing ecosystem.

Next Steps

  • Secure initial investment to form a City WS enterprise and execute next steps to further investment;
  • Identify prospective Wealth Studios and “Glocal” Wealth Fund catalysts, stewards, co-creators, investors, and selectively approach prospective participants directly and via partner networks;
  • Conduct initial Discovery and Co-creation process to explore vision/story/strategy that will self-select the first city(ies) where to implement, also involving creative industries for great storytelling and more;
  • Collaboratively develop a prototype and put the process in practice with initial “worthy projects” where co-creation is done and becomes a continually evolving adapting practical discipline;
  • Develop sustainable business model and compelling “calling case” for a permanent WS workspace and its embedding into suitable locations where it can optimally augment placemaking, regeneration and development goals, reduce time and risk, and increase wealthmaking capacity and capability;
  • Design and implement the long term funding mechanisms and partnerships through iterations of the incubation process, and begin outlining future developments such as Inclusive Wealthmaking Zones;
  • For more information please contact Gavin Peacock or Alex Blumentals at:   Gavin@WealthStudios.com or Alex@WealthStudios.com.