Wealthmaker Schools

“I have become increasingly convinced that even if people fully develop their potential, they cannot give direction to their lives, they cannot forge their destiny, they cannot take charge of their future—unless they also develop competence to take part directly and authentically in the design of the systems in which they live and work, and reclaim their right to do so. This is what true empowerment is about.”

(Bela Banathy, Designing Social Systems in a Changing World)

The quote above captures the foundational driver for accelerating and expanding future-shaping and adapting, practical, exciting, ever-evolving inter-weaving trans-disciplines such as “Societal Design”, “Systemic Innovation”, “the Wealth Economics of Life”, “Social Systemics”, “Living System Leadership”, the cultivation of “Inclusive Wealthmaker Ecosystems” (“I-WE”), and more, at all scales of activity, because we can all choose to be more, and to enable, support and advance ourselves and each other in our thinking, sensing, doing and being, for the greatest good.

The virtual and physical network of Wealth Studios are also, by nature and nurture, “Wealthmaker Schools”, each embodying an ethos elegantly expressed by the quote above from Bela Banathy. After all, the origins of the word “studio” come from the Latin studium meaning “desire; eagerness; study; zeal”, nicely capturing the exciting energy that accompanies the study and passion-and-impact-driven wealthmaker activities at, with, and through wealth studios…  

What if all cities, all human habitats, whether they might be identifying themselves as “Smart”,  “Sustainable”, “Resilient”, “ThriveAble”, “Integral”, “Creative”, or some other “label”, had wealth studios, running them on their very own version of “Genius OS”, tapping into the unique DNA, “Ubuntu”, “Gen-I-Us”, of each and every place, continually enriching their, and the planet’s, Wealth Commons?

Wisely and collaboratively we can co-create the conditions under which any and all can choose easily and authentically to be contributing to elevating and transforming existing human habitats, systems, and building new ones – all with the generative intention in every case of fully unleashing the diverse and unique combinatory genius and culture of people, place, purpose, platforms, systems and collective possibilities, for the sustainable progress, prosperity and highest flourishing of all life that they enable, support and advance together.

Providing rapid, safe, convenient and cost effective physical as well as digital “connective tissue” and mobility within and between these deep wealthmaking habitats and their neighbours near and further afield, will also dramatically add to the opportunities for all citizens to find the right “Possibility Base” for their talents, passions, values, principles and aspirations, as they live, learn, work, play, love and grow, contributing to collective flourishing.

Much has been learned in recent decades from initiatives such as Charter Cities, Special Economic Zones, Special Administrative Regions and Urban Enterprise & Innovation Zones. Whilst this experience is undoubtedly useful, the envisioning of each place a possibility base, with its own unique DNA, is compelling. Their “Genius OS” (or they might choose another name to use if they feel it would better serve their context, story, and aims), is nurturing and growing “new FREE Zones” (“Future Ready Economic Ecosystems”) of sustainable prosperity, progress and limitless aspiration for collective possibilities, offering up hugely exciting opportunities for radical systemic innovation and abundance.

Appropriately using proven and continually emerging collective and collaborative intelligence processes, principles, frameworks, “lenses”, tools, technologies, language and environments, the ongoing “imagination to implementation and continual improvement” systemic innovation cycles will dynamically shape, adapt and evolve with and for each unique context, for the greatest collective benefit. This approach enables ongoing system feedback and “dynamic steering” that is both boldly shaping exciting desirable futures and appropriately adapting to societal and environmental changes that require it, in service of the enduring success of the whole.

Hence Wealth Studios can foster “inter-independent” living system research and societal innovation infrastructures and ecosystems for advancing the learning, practice and evolution of the Wealth Economics of Life everywhere, supporting and promoting the seeding, nurturing and growing of such ecosystems. Encouraging systemic education, stewardship, and entrepreneurship projects, programs, places, movements, meshworks and memes that further enable, support, enrich and advance societal evolutionary wealth generating capacities and capabilities. In the richest, regenerative, and most deeply rewarding ways, applying “limitless” learning and leadership, systemic innovation, positive relationship education, and more, can bring the ongoing realising of humanity’s highest generative potentials, for the greatest flourishing of all life.

Come and play the Infinite Game for thrillingly co-creating the deepest, widest and highest win-wins for People, Planet and Possibility…